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Long story short I found myself burnt out from a high stress job, traveling overseas and feeling guilty for not being at home with my family. Physically and mentally exhausted, I did not know how to unwind and I had trouble sleeping. I was burning the candle at both ends, stressed out and yearning for a lifestyle change. After some soul searching I decided to reset my priorities and get back in touch with what I am passionate about - vegetarianism, animal activism, yoga and fashion. It has been a learning process on how to regain balance, I had to learn how to sleep after a decade of not sleeping well.

Establishing a nighttime routine that helps the body and mind unwind and prepare for a restorative sleep is critical to your well being. Interestingly, I learned that the act of changing into pajamas or some kind of sleep uniform actually triggers sleep hormones! Coming from a fashion background I set out to design my perfect pair of pajamas. I started sketching and designing.......what would I want to wear to bed. What is comfortable and breathable yet feminine and modern. I wanted pajamas that floated around my body, the fabric had to be super soft and breathable, the seams had to be expertly engineered as I did not want to feel them. I made several prototypes and tested them all out, on myself and on my friends. I finally landed on fabrics, styles and fits that are amazingly fluid and soft and that look great on everyone. With every wash the fabric feels softer and softer. They truly are the most comfortable pajamas you will ever own. The collection is finally ready and I am so excited to share my new vision of helping women Sleep Well.





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