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The magical hour, a time to meditate  and set your intentions.

Mentally active, resting or asleep, the brain always has some level of electrical activity. Beta waves represent a strongly engaged mind where as Alpha waves represent a slow, calm state of mind. Theta waves associated with dreaming, creativity and healing are even slower then Alpha waves and Delta waves represent deep sleep.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza there are two times of the day are when the door to the subconscious mind naturally opens up, when we go to bed at night and when we wake up in the morning.

“The nighttime neurotransmitter melatonin makes our brain waves go from beta to alpha, from alpha to theta, and from theta to delta. When we wake up in the morning, serotonin—the daytime neurotransmitter—creates the same process in reverse; our brain waves go from delta to theta, from theta to alpha, and from alpha to beta ”.

In the morning as you are waking up the brain is in a theta state transitioning into the alpha state, utilize this magical time to meditate, the brain is naturally quiet and connected to the subconscious mind. If for only five minutes, take this time to sit quietly, be present, practice your breath work and set your intentions for the day.

Morning rituals are important to me. I started morning visualization and journaling which motivated me to create Nevins. Cultivate the practice of morning meditations, mindfulness, creativity and mental alertness should increase as the day progresses. 

Morning Routine for a Healthy Body and Mind

1. Drink water

2. Meditate for 10-20

3. Journal for 20

4. Gratitude and positive thoughts to start the day

5. Exercise/ walking meditation.


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